Home is Where Tiara Is

As a CNA, Tiara’s seen many people move into the retirement communities where she’s worked. She also knows it takes more than unpacking a few belongings to make them feel at home. Thankfully, making people feel at home is something she specializes at. In fact, she enjoys it so much that last year, she decided to start a side-business as a realtor. Tiara knew she’d need a solid plan and support to make that happen, though. That’s where Wisconsin Works came in.

“I enjoyed working with her,” says Tessa, Tiara’s W-2 case manager. “She isn’t afraid to be her own advocate, but she’s also willing to accept help if needed.” Tiara knew that to make her dream come true, she’d need reliable daycare, transportation, and her GED. Ever-passionate about helping others, she was also eager to continue working as a CNA. W-2 helped her arrange everything she needed to get started.

Together with Tessa, Tiara started her business, enrolled in GED classes, and found a great job working with WI MEDEMPLOY. She loves that it’s a job with flexible hours, so she can keep the career she loves in healthcare, while building her brand as a realtor. Since she works days, she can also spend more time with her kids and show them what a great role model looks like.

Congratulations, Tiara!