Rx marks the Spot!

Tina had a stable career as a dental assistant for 15 years, while her husband watched their three children at home. Then her world was suddenly thrown upside-down when she lost her job. Out of work, money quickly became tight. With her family depending on her, Tina decided to explore administrative careers, but she didn’t know how to get started until she heard about Wisconsin Works.

Tina quickly discovered that with W-2 on her team, she could do a lot more than just apply for work. Her new case manager, Karen, helped Tina secure a volunteer opportunity in the office, explore career options, and find useful resources. “She gave me pointers and tips, kept me positive, gave me the tools to reach my goals, and was always a friendly face there to help whenever I needed it,” Tina tells us. With a little budgeting advice, Tina even discovered that her W-2 payments put school within reach. Before long, she was enrolled in an Administrative Assistant program at Fox Valley Technical College.

“I could not have gotten my degree and be where I am if I didn’t have the help from the W-2 program,” says Tina. “If I had not received the gas vouchers, I would not have been able to make it to some of my job interviews. The monthly payments paid for rent…This program gave me a positive outlook for my future.”

Today, Tina has both her Associate’s degree and a new career path she’s truly excited about. As a Pharmacy Technician at Hometown Pharmacy, she’s able to combine her healthcare experience with her new administrative skills. “This job means I am reaching my goals and moving forward in a positive way in my life,” she tells us. “I want to make this my career.” We are so happy for you! Congratulations, Tina!