Lifting Weights with W-2

When you go to AutoZone, be sure to say hi to their new Sales Associate, Rashon! He’s the guy with the friendliest smile you’ll ever see and four great kids he may tell you about while he’s helping you find your supplies. A few months ago, though, he wasn’t sure how he’d manage a full-time job, when he suddenly found himself a single father of four. He knew he had to take immediate action to keep his family moving forward. That’s when Wisconsin Works helped him get back in the driver’s seat and in charge of his life.

Rashon quickly found the guidance, resources, and support he needed to be strong for his children. He’d never needed childcare before, so that was one of the first things his W-2 team helped him secure. Once he knew his children would be cared for, a huge weight lifted from his shoulders, and he buckled down on his job search.

Alongside his W-2 team, Rashon zeroed in on jobs with advancement potential, to keep his family financially stable in the long-run. During his search, he earned monthly payments from W-2 to keep his family afloat. He practiced interviewing, prepared a resume, and looked at options he really enjoyed. With vouchers for transportation and interview attire, he was able to make a great impression on potential employers.

Today, Rashon says that he’s on his way to being financially independent, and he’s excited to find a new home for his family soon. Meanwhile, he’s staying with W-2 for as long as he can, to be the best father possible for his children. Congratulations, Rashon!