One Day at a Time

Financial struggles can bring the weight of the world down on a parent. Audrey knows about that firsthand. Nonetheless, she still advises to “Just keep your head up. I know things can get really bad, and you think that things won’t change,” Audrey says. “Just remember to take it one day at a time.”

Audrey took her own advice on the day she learned that the Wisconsin Works (W-2) program can help parents financially while they are looking for work. Even though she had a medical assistant degree, it was still difficult to find a job that was a good fit for her family. Frustrated by unemployment, car trouble, and mounting bills, Audrey took a deep breath and asked for help.

Audrey is holding her head a little higher these days. With her W-2 team, Audrey reignited her job search and her passion for the medical field. She explored how to further her education and even took some online courses to keep sharp. Before long, Audrey accepted an opening as a Personal Care Attendant at a great wage and hours that work for her family.

“I am doing better now,” she asserts. “I still have obstacles, but I just take it one day at a time. It’s nice that I can call my W-2 program worker sometimes just to talk.”

Accepting help was a big step for Audrey, but she’s glad that she did. Her family is doing better, and now that she’s catching up on her bills, Audrey can also save to earn her Registered Nursing license.

“I still struggle at times, but I just try and think where I was before,” Audrey says. “Now I have a good job, I’m catching up on my bills, one day at a time.”

Congratulations, Audrey!

If you’re a parent in need a little extra support, learn more about our Wisconsin Works (W-2) program today!