Austin Returns to Normal

Austin | FSET Story

Justice-involved individuals face additional challenges when re-entering the workforce. In addition to finding work, there is a personal factor of regaining and rebuilding what one had before incarceration. Austin found himself at our door only two days after being released, and was determined to get back everything he had lost.

He met with Craig Coleman, an FSET case manager in Probation & Parole, they identified the steps needed to move forward. Austin knew he wanted to go back to school and that he wanted to start saving some money.

Craig helped Austin apply to the local community college where he could focus on developing skills to move upwards in his career. They also worked together to prepare him for the workforce. This included creating a professional resume catered to his specific experiences, outlining crucial skills he developed while incarcerated, as well as searching for open jobs and applying for them.

Before he knew it, Austin found a position he could get excited about. Because of FSET’s local employer connections, Craig was able to contact the HR department of the company and recommend they consider him for an interview. (This process helps both participants like Austin, as well as employers fill positions quickly with ideal candidates.) He got the job.

Now pulling in a high-wage, Austin is happy and excited about life again. He feels the progress and continues to attend school to further develop himself and take every opportunity granted to him. With determination like his, Austin can achieve anything he dreams.

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