Welcome Nicole to Our Team

Nicole | FSET Story

Many reasons can lead to a disruption in full-time employment, and sometimes that can come in the form of a rare health condition.

This was the case for Nicole, who, with her three children, was staying in her parents’ home while she took stock of her current capabilities. Taking one temporary job after another made it difficult to keep her kids in school regularly and control the options available to them. Nicole used all of this as motivation to seek out Wisconsin Works (W-2) and use it to its full advantage to redefine direction in her life.

W-2 offers employment assistance to families. When Nicole approached them, she knew she wanted full-time, high-wage employment that would help her find a place of her own for her children and no longer depend on others. Working with her case manager, Nicole “mapped her dreams” an activity that creates a path to success in achieving her goals. She took advantage of every resource provided to her and excelled in meeting and surpassing her goals.

Then, when it came time for searching and applying for jobs, a funny thing happened.

A position opened here at FSC that her case manager thought would be perfect for her. With first-hand knowledge of the program she’d be working for, Nicole’s resume soared above the others. After she nailed the interview, she found herself behind the desk that she had been in front of in the previous weeks. Nicole is now a case manager herself, helping others who need resources.

There are still challenges, but she is less stressed, feels great about herself and optimistic about the future. “My goal is to continue working for a wonderful organization that truly helped me change my life in many positive ways and to be the best I can be while helping my kids realize and achieve their goals,” Nicole says.

We are lucky to have people like Nicole on our team!

If you’re a parent in need of some extra direction, learn more about our  Wisconsin Works (W-2) program.