Sandy’s Positive Outlook

Sandy | FSET Story

When Sandy approached us, she was struggling financially, mentally, and physically. She was seeing a counselor weekly and under a lot of stress and pressure with bills and payments, which is how she found FSET.

Working with her case managers, Rachel and Angie, she stated that she needed help with rent and transportation assistance as her immediate needs. She was given gas vouchers and other resources to ensure her quick stability. But she knew she needed to find a path to self-sufficiency, and began her search for work.

Sandy took job searching into her own hands. After asking her employed friends if their companies were hiring, she found an opportunity that would be the same department, and shift as her friend. Having a friendly coworker would make it so much easier for her to coordinate reliable transportation to and from work. But before she got the job, Sandy needed a little more help.

FSET was able to help Sandy with updating her resumé and officially applying for the position. It even provided her clothing for an interview and help making a cell phone payment to ensure she had direct way of communication for her interview.

One thing at a time fell into place, and Sandy began to focus on other areas of her life. She made a daily goal to do more for her physical health. Today, she is more independent and well than she’s been in a long time. She continues to strive for new daily goals and keeps exceeding them. In the future, she wants to be financially stable and find work in a lawyer’s office. In the meantime, she continues to keep crushing her mental and physical goals.

“She has come so far. Sandy continues to have a positive outlook on life and overcome so many things,” says her case manager. “She is a bright and caring person.”

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