A New Change for Harlan

Transitioning to a normal life after incarceration can be an incredibly overwhelming experience, especially when you don’t know where to start. That’s why we’re here to help.

Harlan was recently released and was left to start over without a job, a place to live, or a way of getting around. He had heard from his Parole Officer that our Probation and Parole FoodShare Employment Training (FSET) Program was great at helping people put their lives back together. Ready and willing, Harlan got in touch with our Green Bay Office where he met his new Case Manager, Craig.

Craig found out quickly from their first meeting that Harlan was a real “go-getter”. Together, they walked through the FSET enrollment process, going over paperwork and mapping out the plan in detail for Harlan to get back on his feet. They talked through his immediate goals, but also discussed some of the long-term goals he wanted to achieve.

Since being released, Harlan dreamed of living a sober and happy life where he had a steady income and earned an honest living.

Craig got to work on connecting Harlan to the local resources in his area. He connected Harlan to one of our WETAP coordinators who could help him get extra funds to fix his car. Craig also referred Harlan to Serenity House in Green Bay where he could live and thrive in an environment that fully supported his sober lifestyle. Craig and Harlan worked together on updating his resume and searching for the right job.

Within 9 days of meeting and getting enrolled with Craig, Harlan found a great full-time job! Things were really looking up, and you could hear a sense of pride in his voice when he was talking of this amazing accomplishment.

Craig was also there to provide emotional and mental support as Harlan was adjusting to his new lifestyle, giving him all the encouragement to stay focused. Harlan took his advice to heart and continued to stick to the plan. One day soon after, Harlan surprised Craig with a call, saying that he accepted a different job and is now making even more money!  Harlan was now seeing the benefits of sticking to his plan.

Today, Harlan continues to be well on his way to making his dreams come true. He is so much happier now and is ready to take on even more challenges.

Early on, Harlan discussed with Craig that one of his future goals was taking our TrANS Construction Course. After hearing other people’s success stories about the program, he knew it would be the next step he needed to the have future he always dreamed of. They filled out the application, and Harlan will be attending the class next session.

“Harlan was driven from the day I met him,” says Craig, his Case Manager. “He knew what he wanted and what he needed to do to get there. He will continue to be amazing.”

Congratulations, Harlan! We have been so impressed by your motivation to succeed and your drive to keep on the right path. We wish you great success in the future!