A Smile You Can Hear

Klara has the kind of grit that helps her laugh when others might cry. Today, however, her smile springs to her lips from a joyful heart. It’s the kind of smile you can hear over the phone while she’s answering calls at her new job. It’s a confident smile, knowing that her children are safe, and she can pay the bills herself.

Suffice to say, all too recently, that wasn’t the case. Klara came to FSC for help finding a job that could support her family as a single parent. It was a vicious cycle – she needed daycare to find work, but she couldn’t afford daycare without a job. Money was tight, and she didn’t have time to wait.

Like we said, though: grit. Klara wanted a better future for her children and was willing to chart unfamiliar territory to achieve her goals.

Klara joined both the Wisconsin Works (W-2) program and the FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) program to supercharge her job search. She updated her resume and started training for a better future. Klara took budgeting courses, online classes, and our Call Center Professionals course, eagerly learning the skills she needed to get a family-supportive job.

While looking for work, Klara explored post-secondary education options with her FSC team. After graduating from our Call Center Professionals course, she quickly earned a position in a call center. This means that she can finally save up for both higher education and a home for her children.

Today, Klara is planning to return to school to earn a degree in Human Resources, and she is on her way to make that happen.

Congratulations, Klara! You are a light shining in the lives of all you touch – including ours.