Precious Soars to New Heights

“I came to TrANS with nothing but hope and ambition,” says Precious, “and I’ve been soaring ever since.” The moment she started her career in construction, there was nothing to stop Precious from having the life she’d always wanted. You’d never know that just a few months ago, she was having trouble getting it off the ground.

“I was sitting at home, waiting to get a call to go back to work,” she states. Precious had just moved to Wisconsin with her newborn and was living with a friend while struggling to get by on minimum wage. When she heard about TrANS, she saw the opportunity she needed. “I had seen some of my friends go through the program. They were learning skills, getting certifications, and excited to start work in construction. I decided I wanted to be like them.”

Precious’ career took off faster than anyone could have predicted. As the graduate of another program, Precious was fast-tracked into Southwest TrANS. She pushed herself to excel, and within two weeks, she started her first job in construction. A few weeks later, she moved her family into a new home. Then she bought a car. It was one great thing after another!

Precious is currently working with Speedway Sand and Gravel. She says that her secret to success is “wanting it bad enough and not being afraid to go out of the way to get it. Even pushing yourself to do things that seem scary.” While she’s thrilled to have a great job that she enjoys, she’s also always pushing herself to new heights. During the last off-season, she started apprenticeship classes with Laborer Union 464 and asked to get as much class time as possible, so she could get a jump-start on the next season.

“Precious understands that sitting back and waiting for life to happen isn’t for her,” says her instructor Lorie. “I am so proud of her.” Congratulations, Precious!