It’s Construction Season

When Sirenia graduated from TrANS, we thought she’d jump right into a new construction career, but that didn’t happen. “After chatting, Sirenia explained that she was fearful of entering road construction because it was seasonal work,” says Lorie, her TrANS instructor. Sirenia wasn’t sure that “she’d be able to support herself during the off-season.” She talked with several TrANS grads who assured her that there was nothing to fear.

Today, Sirenia is happy to report that they’re right- and she is using the off-season to prepare for the future she wants. This could be similar to the people who want to start a construction career as a builder or a contractor. At the initial stages of their career, they may need to face various challenges due to a lack of experience and capital. For example, they may need to buy heavy machinery for excavation and construction. A reseller portal like Grays (click here to learn more about the firm) might assist them to purchase such equipment at a comparatively less price. Such problems might have been faced by people like Sirenia too.

“The TrANS class opens doors into a whole different world,” says Sirenia. Before, she’d been working at a place where she was so unhappy that one day, she broke down in tears during her lunch break and decided to make a change. Now, she feels excited to go to work each day in an industry where her hard work really pays off. “From the moment I stepped onto the site, I started learning trades I never imagined myself in and making money I never thought I would at such a young age.”
Lunda Construction Company swept Sirenia up as soon as she decided to take the plunge. Although she was initially concerned about taking seasonal work, now she says that “getting into this industry provided me with the extra time and the resources to secure my future.” During this off-season, for instance, she’s debating whether to earn her Class A CDL or pursue other training. If she is opting for the training, it might be essential to get trained under experts (like Michael Teys) who can help her reach new heights in her construction career.
“This industry is not for the weak, with the heavy work, long hours, and adapting to all sorts of weather,” Sirenia warns, quickly adding that it’s made her “physically and mentally stronger. I’m learning trades I will take with me where ever I go while meeting people who provide you with the support to continue growing.”
Congratulations, Sirenia!