Chelsea’s Change

Chelsea came from the big city, where she did well as a cellist. It was exciting work, but not always steady. After moving, however, she wasn’t sure that employers would consider her in a completely different field – like, industrial different. Since joining FSET, employers aren’t the only ones taking her seriously, though – she is, too.

“Without direction from Craig and Mai Yia, I don’t think I would have had the confidence and direction needed to get a fantastic job with lots of room to advance,” says Chelsea. Craig and Mai Yia were on her FSET team, helping her navigate this big career switch. Chelsea always felt comfortable asking them questions so she could complete assessments, prove her skills, and learn anything that would help her advance.

“I took the plunge in industrial factory work and learned new skills.  Now I am employed by a fantastic company with reliable hours and benefits,” Chelsea says. She was offered a full-time job as a Machine Operator with NPS Corp. – but it gets better. The first time they offered it, she said no. Then “they asked me something I have never been asked before: ‘What can we do to change your mind?’ I said, ‘more money and day shift,’ and they gave it to me!  I am honored to have this job and grateful to the plant manager for the opportunity.”

Now that’s confidence! Congratulations, Chelsea. ?