Laugh and Learn

Duane has learned to be resourceful over the years. Living in a tent during the summer, he figured out that without a fridge, he could store his cooler in the ground to keep food fresh. Without a car, he learned how to be on time with just a bike and to save his supplies for bad weather. If you ask Duane what tent living was like, he’ll tell you that he that he likes “sleeping under the stars.” His creative nature provided the spark to excel in the FSET program, and within one year he got housing and a job.

Duane came to FSET ready to work. Soon after enrolling, he found an apartment and worked a series of odd jobs and chores to survive while participating in the program. He even created his own color-coded system to track his FSET and other activities so he could do them all.

Duane’s big moment came with a Work Experience that got him a shot in the food industry, which he always wanted to try. With a smile on his face and a laugh in his heart, Duane quickly made friends, and the folks at Pizza Hut could not bear to let him go after he completed this Work Experience with them and hired him on. He now ties his hair and beard up in a net each day and is happy to earn a living where he can take on new roles.

Duane says that his favorite thing about FSET was laughing with people while learning skills that were really helpful to him. With your great attitude and willingness to go the extra mile, we know that you will go far. Congratulations!