Lifelong Learning

Say hello to Whitney, a single mom who’s proving that lifelong learning and a great attitude are key to overcoming anything – even the concern about hiring someone with a baby bump. With three other children to provide for, Whitney wasn’t about to postpone her job search until birth. Instead, she joined Wisconsin Works, started training, and earned her first job in management!

Whitney was excited to explore careers with us, especially those with a good schedule for her growing family. She started with FSC’s Office Professionals course. Most of her experience so far was on the farm and in retail, so working regularly with computers was new. Plus, she discovered how much she liked the environment while volunteering at the front desk.

Then Whitney decided to stretch her wings with our Logistics Professionals course, where she learned all about the complex operations involved in getting goods to customers.

She saw every training opportunity as means of proving herself in a different field. “It showed employers that she had enough motivation to commit,” says her case manager, Nikki, adding that “our training really showed her what life could be like working in that environment and got her excited for the possibilities.”

In fact, when Security Finance saw Whitney’s motivation, they decided to offer her a full-time position as Assistant Manager! She’s excited to get this opportunity and says it’s more than she’d even hoped for. She intends to keep learning on the job and even hopes to save up for college. Congratulations, Whitney!