Melina in the Middle

Melina Success Story

Sometimes it’s easy to feel caught between two places in life—where you are and where you want to be. Bridging this gap can be tricky, but with a little bit of planning, we can build the path to our dreams. Melina undertook this journey, and it may light your path today as well.

It Starts with a Dream

Melina wanted to start a business of her own. She envisioned a store that promoted her passions for self-care and positive energy while selling her handcrafted jewelry. However, she knew she couldn’t just jump right into it.

At the time, Melina lacked the startup funds for a business. It was also hard to wrap her head around the steps needed to embrace entrepreneurship while raising her family. Then she found Forward Service Corporation.

Breaking It Down

Melina approached Forward Service Corporation to enroll in Wisconsin Works (W-2). One of the first things Melina’s case manager asked about was her dream, and then they broke down the steps it would take to get there.

This was Melina’s introduction to the “Transition to Success” process, which helps our clients create a roadmap to their dreams. Melina went at this new method with determination, organizing her goals into checklists to better prepare for each step. Before she knew it, the road to her dreams began to materialize.

It’s Not an Exact Science

One key steppingstone was for Melina to stabilize her finances so she could plan and save. She and her case manager found a training course with Exact Science that, upon completion, had the possibility of an interview and job offer.

She was quickly accepted into the training program, excelled in the course, and engaged with every stage of the training until she graduated. Most importantly, Melina learned that she had more potential than she ever thought, and that confidence is something she could take with her on her path to opening her own business.

Melina = Success

After graduating, Melina was invited to interview for a position at Exact Science. With her drive, talent, and positive attitude, she was a shoo-in—she landed the job! Now, months after being hired, she continues to work there and loves that it allows her the space to continue grow her business plan.

“I was very happy to be a part of this success story and am very proud of the hard work and dedication she continued to have,” her case manager says.

We’re all very proud of Melina. Congratulations to her, and may her story inspire us all!

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