Lacy Lights the Way

Sometimes parents need a light to guide them through life’s storms. As an unemployed single mom, Lacy was not sure how to support her newborn, but she was determined to overcome every obstacle for her child. Thankfully, the right resources were there for her. Now she’s determined to be a beacon for others.

Navigating the Storm

“I had no idea what I was going to do for work right away,” Lacy recalls. She came to our Wisconsin Works and FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) programs for support. After describing her situation, Lacy worked with her FSC team to get stable, set goals, and find other community resources that could help. Lighthouse Recovery Community Center was one such place, welcoming volunteers who could support their peers struggling with addiction.

What started as a short-term volunteer opportunity has turned into a passion. Lacy initially wanted to volunteer somewhere where she could learn the ropes, improve her communications skills, and build confidence. Instead, she found a career she’s excited about that’s inspiring her to help others.

Lighting the Beacon

Lacy started by completing a board exam to become a Peer Support Specialist at Lighthouse Recovery Community Center. Then she decided to set another goal: earn full-time, which she soon did! Today, Lacy is a full-time Recovery Coach. Now she plans to continue her education and work in Human Services.

We know you can do it, Lacy! Great job, and congratulations.


Lacy benefitted from the following programs: