Michelelyn Sharpens Her Skills

When we talk about clients reaching for their dreams, we know that it won’t always be a smooth or straight path. Michelelyn is proof that keeping your eye on your goals and relying on determination to achieve your dreams really pays off.

With homeschooling her child and looking for full-time employment, she needed to use a different approach to make her goals a reality. Michelelyn joined our Wisconsin Works (W-2 ) program with the dream of providing a secure and happy life for herself and her son. To do that, she knew she needed a higher paying job than she’d been able to get so far.

That’s where we came in. After joining the program, she enrolled in our Office Professionals class. While there, she learned how to use Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook, as well as key skills for helping an office run smoothly. After graduation, she began working closely with a Job Developer to sharpen her interviewing skills and identify places where she could put her new skills to work. With these new resources at Michelelyn’s disposal, she was able to get her childcare in place and was ready to get to work.

Michelelyn had her sights on finding a work from home position so she could be home with her child, but these positions were very few and far between. She needed a job now and fast. After readjusting her vision, she decided to look at the jobs that were available to her that would still get her to her dream goal. She continued to work with her Job Developer to find her the right fit.

Fast forward to present day, Michelelyn now has a rewarding career at a place she loves. She also was able to earn her medication passer certification and has since been able to increase her job responsibilities and take on more shifts. Michelelyn is saving towards a bigger apartment near her son’s school district and to buy a new vehicle.

Congratulations Michelelyn! We are proud that we could be part of your journey to your dream.

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