Nicky Stays with W-2 to Achieve Dreams

Nicky’s achieved a lot in a short time. When her second child was born, she needed reliable support. Wisconsin Works was just the ticket. It let her focus on family during maternity leave, instead of worrying about how to afford them. She decided to stay with the program once leave ended, and their ongoing support has made all the difference.

Just one week after leave, Nicky found a job at Homes for Independent Living. “She’s a beam of positivity,” says her case manager. Her eager attitude, combined with some great work history, made her a great catch. The primary things she needed were childcare, transportation, and to move quickly. W-2 helped with each of these.

By her first day, Nicky’s children were enrolled at Encompass Early Education & Care. Her gas tank was full, and she was wearing new work clothes, thanks to vouchers from W-2. Staying enrolled also gave her another benefit: a no-interest loan for a better car.

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Nicky’s thrilled to have a job that pays family-supporting wages. She’s also happy to pick up overtime, especially with the holidays coming up. Her gift this year: a new home.

Congratulations, Nicky, and Happy Holidays!