Lesley Learns the Business

As an expecting mother, Lesley was eager to find work to support her growing family. She knew that the best way to do that was by gaining experience — but with a few complications during pregnancy, she needed a chance to show that she still has what it takes to succeed. FSC was just the place to do it.

“Lesley is a fast learner,” says her case manager. “She made everyone feel so welcome when they came into our building.” Lesley started volunteering at the front desk shortly after discussing her career goals with her team. Since she was co-enrolled in both Wisconsin Works and FSET, she knew exactly how to direct people who were coming in for help. She didn’t stop there, though. She took extra time to study all of FSC’s programs as soon as she started volunteering. In short, she treated it like a job, and it didn’t take long to pay off.

Employers regularly visit FSC to network and look for job-seekers. A recruiter from Cabela’s noticed how helpful and professional Lesley was while they were conducting interviews on-site. Before she knew it, they asked her over for an interview and offered her a job on the spot!

As the new switchboard operator at Cabela’s, Lesley is thrilled to have a job that she can do during the last few months of her pregnancy. As always, though, she isn’t ready to stop there. She’s already studying the business to see how she can turn it into a long-term career. Congratulations, Lesley!