Robert’s Over the Moon

Robert likes working with his hands, but after a work injury put him out of commission for two years, he knew it was going to take more than a release note from his doctor to get back into the workforce. Eager to prove that he could be a useful teammate again, Robert joined Wisconsin Works to get the start he needed. Within just one week, he’s already been hired full-time! (Isn’t this an awesome thing that happened to him?) Honestly, when someone gets hurt at work, during the period when the individual is waiting to see a doctor after work injury, he can feel like his life is over, especially if it the wound is severe and causes him to not be able to go back to his previous job.

The truth is, it is incredibly important that people who suffer from work injury get all the assistance, care, and affection they need to get them back on their feet, from speaking to career professionals to getting physical therapy for workers compensation so they have a chance again. It is great that Robert was able to do this.

It’s easy to see how Getchell Builders and Home Maintenance saw Robert’s potential so quickly. Before he got a medical release, Robert was already volunteering at his church for several hours a week, picking up whatever small jobs he could to help out. On the advice of his Account Representative, Robert also started volunteering at St. Vincent de Paul. Together, this packed some helpful references into a short period of time – but Robert had no idea that things would turn around for him so quickly.

Luckily, Robert’s W-2 team was on top of ensuring he had everything he needed to start work as soon as the doctor gave him the go-ahead – a strong resume, work clothes, reliable transportation, and assurance that his family had everything they needed to make a smooth transition. When Robert got a call back offering him a position as a carpenter’s helper, he was over the moon with relief. “Robert was ecstatic about his new job,” says his case manager. “He was most excited about the financial freedom and the ability to take care of his family.”

Robert plans to save a good portion of his earnings for his children and the rest for a new vehicle. Great job!