Ryan Starts His Career in Logistics

After leaving the Navy, Ryan’s life was one transition after another, as he searched for his place in civilian life.  Homeless, he enrolled in the FSET program for some help. With the right training, it only took a month before he found a career he’s excited about.

We got to know him through the first Logistics Professionals class last month. To say that Ryan was determined to succeed is an understatement. With no car, he rode his bike to the office every day for class – even in the rain. He stayed late, worked ahead, and used all of the extra instructional content we put in there for the most motivated students. He also worked with the staff to make his awesome resume and get his interviewing skills as good as possible.

This all paid off quickly. Ryan got a full-time job with PendaForm as soon as he graduated the class. He’s looking forward to benefits, insurance, and even bonus potential. But this isn’t just a job – it’s a career, and he can grow with by showing that same sense of dedication he brought to class.

Congratulations, Ryan!

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