Smart, Strong, and Totally Britney!

She might be too humble to admit it, but Britney has a lot to be proud of today. We just heard that after two years of hard study made possible through WIOA, she earned her nursing license, moved into her own place, and landed a great job!

Britney’s infectious optimism and resilience gave her the drive to overcome anything – even when her car couldn’t seem to drive anywhere. Every six months or so, she needed to get her vehicle repaired so she could get to class and work. With expenses piling up, she had to choose between a ride to work and the degree that could help her advance in life. Then she learned that she could get tuition assistance through WIOA, and everything changed!

“She studied with me, acting like she knew nothing,” recalls John, her WIOA Career Services Specialist. “And then she was able to memorize all 200 or so note cards!” WIOA helped her with every aspect of her studies, from reviewing notes to tuition assistance, but Britney’s great attitude was what really carried her through. She worked online through Khan Academy to bring herself up to speed in math, then pushed herself to earn her CNA in just a year.

Now she’s thrilled to be independent for the first time in her life and just started her new job at a local healthcare facility! We couldn’t be more happy for you. Congratulations!!