Starting Over

When you start from scratch it is like being born again. I brought my discipline and experiences from Cuba, but starting new, starting fresh is a monumental challenge; it feels like being born again.

Raul came to Wisconsin with only his teenage son, his education, and his faith. He had earned a Master’s degree and was working on a law degree, but without any English education, Raul never expected to find himself in the middle of Wisconsin without any of the comforts of home. Then he heard about Wisconsin Works, and his life took another huge change, this time for the better.

Since enrolling in Wisconsin Works, Raul has started to attend classes at a technical college to learn English, where he has excelled. Speaking of learning English, non-native speakers often have a problem with grammar and accent. This in turn can lower their confidence while speaking the language. Additionally, many a time non-English speakers tend to ask the question: is English hard to learn compared to other languages? This is because they might have learned a different language easily but can be facing difficulties in learning English.

Coming back to Wisconsin Works, it helped him to find financial support to raise his son, apply for a work permit, and place him with an internship. “I am learning a lot there and I have grown to love it and the people and the experience,” says Raul, who credits his teammates with helping him to learn English alongside his formal studies.

Raul praises the Wisconsin Works employees for their incredible kindness and generosity toward him. “They helped me economically, they helped financially, they brought things from their houses in order to help me. You have no idea how grateful I am for everyone in this program,” says Raul.

I think that this corporation is a success story. . . The people in this place not only do they help me this way, but they help everyone. And it is not just because this is their job but because they have it in to their hearts to help others. I admire everyone here. . . they are all here to help from the receptionist, to the higher positions. I am so proud to be a part of this family.

Raul now looks forward to returning to school in the healthcare field, where he can use his background and compassion to help others. “I am wanting to adapt to life in Wisconsin and be as successful and sufficient as I can,” he says.

We know that your dedication to success will continue to pay off, Raul, and we are proud to be part of your story!