Rooted in Success!

It takes strong roots for a plant to grow, but every gardener will tell you that sometimes it takes a little help to get those roots established. Last year, Shartina struggled for financial independence and security for her family. Today, with the help of Wisconsin Works, Shartina is achieving these goals with a new career at Alta Resources.

Shartina credits her case workers, Sarah and Ian, for helping her to overcome her employment barriers “through [their] time, encouragement, and patience.” She is excited for the opportunity to practice her communication skills at her new workplace while earning a living that supports her family.

Everyone deserves to have the chance to use skills that they have already obtained in their new working environment. It is a great way to bond with new co-workers and Shartina will learn more about this as she progresses through her career. Not only can you gain a working relationship with your co-workers by sharing similar skills, but incorporating employee engagement plans, (navigate to this site for more info) is also a great way to unite the company to make it as successful as possible. This is something that every company, and employee, strives to achieve after all.

For Shartina, this is a great place to start her career, and to make her family and friends proud.

“Thank you all at Forward Service Corp who had a connection to me and my success, to God be the glory,” says Shartina, who says that she plans to stay firmly rooted in her new job as she looks for promotional opportunities. You’re welcome, Shartina, and congratulations!