Terrell Achieves Full-Time Employment

Terrell giving a thumbs up after getting a job

“I got the job!” Terrell recently reported to us with pride in his voice.

A few months before, Terrell was searching for a path toward full-time employment. He had been actively looking but encountered several setbacks that not only prevented stable employment, but also receiving unemployment benefits. Determined not to leave any path unexplored, he approached Forward Service Corporation.

Navigating Barriers to Employment

Terrell was connected with our job developer, Kim Kobliska, who, upon learning he was already in FoodShare, helped him enroll in the FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) program. Spurred on by his determination, together they worked diligently to break down the barriers to his goal. His aim was clear—full-time employment—and his mission was set—do what it takes.

“I must admit I was extremely invested in his obtaining this employment,” Kobliska said. “Terrell was already contacting me about wanting to start working together on applications.”

Kim helped Terrell establish a new email address and get it setup on his smartphone, organize his application materials including his resume, and take stock of any financial needs to stabilize himself while they searched. They were on their way.

Transportation Assistance

Terrell already had extensive experience in logistics and manufacturing, so he was able to quickly identify positions for which he was interested applying. However, he needed some assistance to overcome immediate obstacles. FSET provided transportation assistance through gas vouchers while he and Kim worked to appeal his case for unemployment benefits, including writing his story and navigating the submission process.

Soon, his appeal was heard and approved. Unemployment benefits kicked in and Terrell was able to focus on winning that new job.

Help Applying for Jobs

Meanwhile, Terrell used the job resources offered by FSET to improve his resume and assist in submitting applications. Soon, he found a job opening that he became very excited about. He and Kim worked to apply through an online portal.

“Terrell would call and let us know that there were other steps he needed help with,” she said. “He was determined to get everything done timely to obtain employment.”

His hard work paid off.

Congratulations Terrell

“I got the job!” Terrell told Kim over the phone.

After understanding each barrier toward his goal, he was able to tackle them one by one until he saw progress. In only a few short months, he had found a high-wage, full-time job that used his experience in manufacturing and logistics.

“It was such a joy to hear he had indeed obtained employment. I was so happy for him when he called to tell me the news.”

Terrell is very proud of obtaining his goal and appreciates the FSET opportunities provided. We are very proud of Terrell for working so hard to achieving his dreams. Congratulations!

Terrell Benefitted from the Following Programs: