The Future in Raphael’s Hands

“Your future is an open door,” says Raphael. “You just need to walk through. Figure out what you want to do, do it, and learn everything you can about that. Do your best, learn as much as you can, and you’ll have a good career. One you can be proud of.”

Before joining TrANS, Raphael was “working very hard for almost nothing.” He dedicated himself to learning the trades through TrANS, knowing that the harder he pushed himself, the better returns he’d get in the end. Now, he eagerly puts in overtime at a career he loves with Mega Concrete Construction. He’s already earning double his starting wage, which means the world to him.

“There’s a huge amount of pride for Raphael knowing that he can provide for his family,” says TrANS instructor Lorie, adding “and he LIKES what he is doing! Can anyone ask for more than that?”

Raphael says he knew he was a success when contractors started asking for him personally. “I no longer have to scramble around looking for employment,” he tells us. “I have built a good reputation – and my increases in pay show the respect I get from contractors… My future is in my hands. I can move up the ladder any direction I want.”

So, what direction does Raphael want to go? Well, he just welcomed a baby girl to his family, so Raphael’s focusing on being a great father and adjusting to the change. Then he has plans to continue learning, become a foreman, and make construction his lifelong career. Congratulations, Raphael!