The Perfect TEMP for Success

Tyler made an instant connection with Bob and Marley when he started volunteering at the Grant County Humane Society. The brothers were untrained rescued dogs, unfamiliar with human kindness. Today, Bob has found a home and Marley [pictured] is still at the shelter waiting for a family. In the meantime, he loves going on walks with Tyler, but not nearly as much as Tyler loves working with him, thanks to a TEMP position through Wisconsin Works!

When he was younger, Tyler got 3rd degree burns on his arms, face, and upper body while escaping a house fire.  As soon as he got out, Tyler realized that his friend was still inside. Sadly, his friend perished. Since then, Tyler has had extensive reconstructive surgery, but he faces long-term medical and mental health complications that have made it difficult to maintain a job.

His reconstructed skin, for example, cannot sweat to relieve him from heat. As a result, “some days, Tyler would be standing in shoes filled with sweat puddles, because his feet overexert themselves to get the sweat out of his body from other parts of his body that cannot,” his case manager Tammy explains.

Tammy has been a key advocate in his fight since Tyler enrolled in W-2 this April. ”I assured Tyler that he came to a great place where we will help get him the resources that he needs,” says Tammy. “However, the important part of success and wanting help is to stay committed to the help that is given.”

Tyler has proven his commitment every week! Right after their first appointment, he called to schedule appointments with the doctor and counselor that Tammy recommended. From there, they formed a plan to help him work through his barriers, including a volunteer experience that has changed everything.

This May, Tyler started volunteering at the Grant County Humane Society/Lancaster Veterinary Clinic. He was eager to work with the animals and quickly became a beloved member of the team. After three months, they contacted Tammy to arrange hiring Tyler on part-time! Working at a site that believes in him and communicates regularly with W-2 is helping Tyler work toward his goals. Both Tyler and the Humane Society/Vet Clinic love the support and feedback from Wisconsin Works. Today, Tyler is excited to be earning money on his own and is hoping to transition into full-time employment over time.

Congratulations, Tyler!! We love seeing the joy on your face as you work with the animals and are excited to see where you are going!