Target Acquired

One quick tumble changed everything for Melissa. Her doctor told her she couldn’t go back to work for a while, and she wasn’t entirely sure she could keep up when she did return. A serving job requires a fast pivot. She wasn’t about to let a bum leg keep her down, though. She called 1-855-733-1311 to enroll in Wisconsin Works, and she found her new job in just one week!

Melissa is as resilient as she is charming. She selects her goals quickly and as soon as she “sets her sights on them,” says her case manager, there’s no looking back. In this case, as soon as her career assessments showed that she would be a great fit for customer service, Melissa decided to switch careers. There was a job fair just around the corner. Melissa’s team buckled down to help her upgrade her resume and learn about the employers who were going to be at the fair.

Once again, she locked in on a great target: Ameriprise Financial. Her account representative, Craig, showed her what kind of candidate they were looking for, and she worked one-on-one with Tina in the computer lab for over an hour to ensure every detail on her resume was perfect. She knew she would be a great fit, and after meeting her, Ameriprise couldn’t agree more.

Melissa starts her new full-time job in November. Until then, you might meet her at the FSC front desk, where she’s staying sharp by volunteering. Her next goal: a major in Human Services from Rasmussen College.

Congratulations, Melissa!