The Right Direction

Jeffrey wanted a new direction, but he felt like his internal GPS was turning him in circles. With his family counting on him, he turned to FSET. Today, we’re proud to say that Jeffrey has just started what he calls his “greatest success” – a new career with the City of Baraboo!

“You guys are the reason for my success,” Jeffrey says. FSET provided Jeffrey with gas vouchers and free training programs, so he could explore different careers and learn the skills needed to thrive on the job. With a strong support network, he knew that he always had real people to turn to with his questions and needs. He quickly became one of the most active participants in his office. “I never gave up,” Jeffrey says. He was determined “to see this through to the end and show everybody that…I can hang on with even the most important employers and succeed no matter what.”

To get a better idea of his abilities, Jeffrey started a Work Experience in the Parks and Recreation Department with the City of Baraboo. His Employment Specialist, Morgan, heard great feedback from his supervisors and asked if they had any openings. They were thrilled to add Jeffrey to their team!

Today, Jeffrey says that he’d like to work his way up to become a city official. He’s amazed that he could come on a program to feed his family and leave it with the confidence to “overcome anything!” Congratulations!