The Second Time Is a Charm for Maria

Maria | FSET Success Story

This is the continuing story of Maria, a very creative participant in the FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) program. Previously, Maria had approached us for job assistance while she worked hard to get her own business off the ground while pursuing her dreams of being a poet and artist.

“I was working with Chasong in the FSET program to try to find my employment path and he was an empathetic and earnest support along the way. I also received support from Sara Jensema with the Workforce Development’s Vocational Rehabilitation and Melissa Moyle at Beyond Possibilities who were also very wonderful in their guidance,” says Maria.

But sometimes to discover the path to our dreams, we have to take detours. Maria continued to work with Chasong through a few unexpected turns.

Maria continues, “I tried for several attempts at self-employment, and nobody ever judged me or put me off my path even when I did not succeed at my heady entrepreneurial dreams. At some point I decided that I needed a traditional job for stability so that I could still chase my bigger dreams at a slower pace.”

Chasong recognizes that Maria is determined and optimistic in her approach to anything she tries. While she refuses to be deterred from running her own business, she got to work on finding stability while she pursues it.

“Under the supportive tutelage I was able to find my way into landing a job as a Grant Writer for Ascend Services Inc. out of Manitowoc! I feel that I am welcomed, appreciated, and well embraced at my new job and I think it unfolded in this lovely way because of the faith that everyone had in me along the way!”

She is happy in her new job and has the room to explore her artistic pursuits. She adds, hinting at some of her future success, “to celebrate one other small entrepreneurial victory along the way, I finished two poetry books and several commissioned oil paintings as an artist and author while receiving this support! Thank you everyone for all of your kindness along the way!”

We’re proud of Maria’s continued success and determining her own future. No matter what your dream, you can find support here at Forward Service Corporation.

Maria benefitted from the following programs

FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET)