This is Wendy’s Year

Every strong woman has a story about the weights she had to lift from her shoulders. This year, Wendy has lifted four of life’s greatest weights from her shoulders with the help of Wisconsin Works, including finding stable housing, regaining full placement of her daughter, getting a car, and reaching one full year of sobriety. She is excited to be cleared for work again starting in October, and she strives to build a stronger foundation for her family each day.

Wendy is proud to accomplish her goals, insisting that joining Wisconsin Works was “a life-changing experience.” Once they identified her goals, they started to work together right away to form a plan and reach them. She worked with her case manager to search for housing, applied for the assistance that helped her get a car, and worked with CPS to get placement of her daughter. Once she had an apartment, she also secured visitation rights with her other children, becoming closer with her whole family as a result.

“I want to thank everyone who works in the [Wisconsin Works] office, for helping me turn my life around and put the pieces back together,” says Wendy. “They have been my mentors and motivators. They have made themselves available to me and have been so flexible for me. Through the assistance I have received through W-2, I have been able to build a strong foundation to continue building on.”

Wendy continues to stride toward her goals. After starting work again, she hopes to go back to school for an Associate’s degree in dental hygiene and continue rebuilding with a debt-free future. Congratulations on your success, Wendy!