High School Graduate at 66 Years Young

WillieMae is 66 years old, but she will smile when she tells you that “On the day I graduated I thought I was younger than I was.” After a lifetime of hard work, WillieMae knows that the value of earning her HSED this June is about more than earning a paycheck. It is a badge of honor and accomplishment that shows her dedication to success, and something she can use to inspire generations to come.

When WillieMae started working 35 years ago, a high school diploma was not needed to find a good job. Earning a diploma was just a dream. As time went on, she realized that if she ever wanted to continue working, it would be essential to her future. She met challenges along the way, leaving the program four times before she decided to stop “fooling around” and commit. Joining the FSET program last October gave her the final support she needed to succeed.

Today, WillieMae says that the joy of holding her degree gives her the confidence to overcome any obstacle. Although she plans on retiring, WillieMae says that her HSED reminds her, “I could go back to work and have proof of my abilities.” She wants her story to encourage others to fight any adversity they face: “If you are thinking about going back for your HSED, do it. It will be beneficial to you, I promise.”

Congratulations, WillieMae!