True Independence

Joshua graduated from TrANS in October 2013 and is described by his instructor as the “most physically gifted grad I ever had.” Today he’s working on a 3-year construction apprenticeship with CD Smith, a commercial builder, while also making time to mentor youth and speak publicly about his experience, because his success hasn’t come easily. He learned some of the hardest lessons in life, including a stint in prison. After his release, he found himself living paycheck to paycheck in a shelter, and TrANS became Joshua’s first step toward true independence.

Determined to do things right this time, he formed a clear success plan. “My goals were simple,” he says. “Find meaningful employment and use it to find better meaningful employment. Get my own place and transportation. Stay out of trouble and surround myself with positive people who make positive moves.” He applied himself to every training opportunity TrANS offered, and the people he met there became the support he needed to see him through. By graduation, he was already hired with HJ Martin, moving to a position with Lunda Construction within a year.

Having a great job is about more than money for Joshua: it’s about the freedom to live independently, have his own home, and give back to the community. He hopes to “change someone else’s life who might be on that path that I once was on… You’re the secret [to success]. If you make a plan and stick to your plan, you will go places and achieve things.”

Congratulations on sticking to your success plan, Joshua! We are proud to be part of your story.