Tomah’s JAG Duo Take On D.C.

During high school, envisioning life after graduation can be difficult. JAG can help. Our Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) program is an elective class that prepares students for life after high school.

Each year, our JAG graduates begin tremendous futures, and this year is no exception. Meet two JAG scholars from Tomah High School, Senior Ryan Hall and Junior Skeyenne Squires, who earned a trip of a lifetime.

The Skey’s The Limit

In JAG, Skey found the positive, accepting environment she was seeking. As her inner confidence grew, her peers noticed her leadership abilities and public speaking abilities grow, too.

Skey wanted to attend the D.C. trip since last year, but it’s an honor reserved for students elected to JAG’s National Career Association (NCA). This year, she ran for two positions in the NCA to ensure she could have a voice in the future. She was chosen to represent her school as the Junior Class Officer and Communications Director for Tomah High School’s JAG program.

Hall’s Way to Success

After three years in JAG, Ryan also made his first bid for office this year, running for JAG Class Vice President. Thus far in his term, Ryan’s self-confidence has led to phenomenal event coordination with other programs and officers, like Skey, as they schedule and complete various activities throughout the school year.

A Trip to Remember

After the election, the duo traveled to Washington D.C. with JAG Career Specialist Julianna Scott to attend the National Student Leadership Academy Conference. The group met one of Senator Ron Johnson’s staff members and toured the Capitol, several iconic monuments, and the Smithsonian Museums!

Ryan and Skey also networked and socialized with other groups from all over the U.S. and the Virgin Islands. Julianna notes that “they made great connections with students from Los Angeles and Hillsville, Virginia and enjoyed their time immensely.”

What’s Up Next?

After graduation, Ryan and Skey may be on very different paths. Ryan plans to enlist in the military and hopes to study psychology afterward. Meanwhile, Skey dreams of being a small business owner in the culinary realm. She has toured several colleges and plans to visit a small business to learn about the daily life of a business owner.

Right now, however, they are working hard to make their school and community great. Since joining JAG, they participate more in class, help guide others, and look positively at their futures after high school. They also both have part-time jobs after school and are on track to graduate on time.

“I am enormously proud of both student’s efforts and achievements,” says their JAG Career Specialist, Julianna Scott. “They are incredibly deserving, and I am greatly looking forward to their next steps in life!”

Way to go, Ryan and Skeyenne! You’ve represented the JAG program and your school beautifully. We are so proud of you!

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