Tammy Finds Tools For Success

Sarah met Tammy on her first day here at FSC. As a new Food Share Employment & Training (FSET) Case Manager, Sarah was observing her first session. Although Tammy had been living in a tent for most of the summer, she was brimming with positivity during the meeting. As Sarah came to learn, that was because FSET was helping Tammy get the tools she needed to make her dreams come true.

I vividly remember Tammy being a very excited and happy lady. Her positivity was infectious, and I enjoyed my conversations with her.  She was so appreciative for all of the help she had received over the past couple of months. Fast forward a month later, as I was getting my first few participants on my caseload, and Tammy was the first participant transferred. It was a pleasant surprise!

When Tammy called needing clothes for an interview, Jordan was thrilled for her.

Though she was a little nervous, I was confident she was going to do well. I issued her a gas voucher to make her commute stress-free and a voucher to Goodwill to get some nice interview clothes and put the cherry on top on her confidence.

Tammy called later that week, saying that the interview went well. A few days later, Tammy called back, ecstatically announcing that she had accepted their job offer.

She was more than ready to start. Tammy had enough camping for a while and wanted to earn enough money for an apartment.

To make sure her first day went well, I helped Tammy find a pair of comfortable work shoes from Rogan’s Shoes. Tammy also worked with COTS (a local nonprofit that provides transitional shelter) to create a budget planner so she can achieve her dream and manage her new finances.

On Tammy’s first day of work, I called her after her shift to congratulate her on her first day and to see how things were going. Things were going great! She made a few new friends and really enjoys her routine. During her 30-day check-in call, Tammy told me that her employer loved her work ethic and positivity so much that they wanted her to work at an additional location! She is a great and valued team player.

Today, Tammy is still working towards her dream of finding an apartment she can call her home. While she’s not working, Tammy has been reconnecting with her family and proudly shows everyone photos of her adorable puppy. I have no doubt that with her positivity, determination, and focus that she will fulfill her dream while being an inspiration to others.

Congratulations, Tammy! Your hard work and determination is putting you on the path to achieving your dream!

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