Elizabeth Finds Her Perfect Fit

Although Elizabeth had a part-time job that she enjoyed, she couldn’t shake the feeling that something different was on the horizon. Whenever she envisioned her best future, she saw a flexible job with a warm, understanding atmosphere. Her job was decent, but it wasn’t checking all the boxes. Since she had been with our FoodShare Employment Training program before, Elizabeth knew that it was the best place to search for the career she wanted.

When Elizabeth came to our Oshkosh office to reenroll, she met Morgan, her new FSET Case Manager. They discussed her immediate needs and work situation, but there was one question that was hovering over them the whole time. Finally, Morgan asked Elizabeth what her dream was. After a brief pause, Elizabeth broke into a smile and said, “I want to be an editor.”

The two immediately started to plan Elizabeth’s next steps to realize her dream. Elizabeth left our office beaming with hope, knowing she was surrounded by support – not just for her employment, but for her dreams as well. They had discussed getting experience in an office or call center, and the very next day, Morgan sent Elizabeth various office-related leads. In fact, within just two weeks, Elizabeth announced that she had interviewed at a credit union and was offered the position almost immediately! Elizabeth happily accepted the position and was excited to start.

To ensure her first day of work was a breeze, Morgan issued Elizabeth vouchers for new work attire and gas vouchers to ease her commuting costs. Within a few days, Morgan called to check in on Elizabeth.

“You could hear the joy in Elizabeth’s voice when I asked about her job,” Morgan says. Elizabeth loved the atmosphere and talked about how her coworkers were open, funny, helpful, and just all-around nice people. She felt that she fit in very well and was eager to start training.

Today, Elizabeth has a job that she absolutely loves. She has even said that she could see herself working there for a long time. Elizabeth attributes her success to her dedicated Case Manager, Morgan and the Transition to Success framework we utilize, which she believes “allows people to work on their goals and dreams.”

Elizabeth also loves that our help doesn’t just stop after someone gets the job. She knows that her case manager is always there to be cheerleader or listening ear. “Elizabeth is truly a success story,” says Morgan. “Remember to never give up on your goals and dreams. You can do it!”

Congratulations, Elizabeth! We’re so happy you found the perfect fit and wish you the best!

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