Vyonna Manages Her Future

Sometimes our clients are ready to start on their dreams the moment they enter our doors. More often, they have immediate needs and cannot focus on anything else until those things are handled. That was the case with Vyonna, a single mother who had just moved to Wisconsin from Tennessee, filled with hope and a love her community, but no job or housing. Without a home for her child, she didn’t have mental space for a dream. Desperate for a lifeline, Vyonna visited her local FSC office.

Vyonna immediately enrolled in our Wisconsin Works (W-2) program. Our caring W-2 Case Manager, Ashley, walked her through the enrollment paperwork to help identify her immediate needs. Ashley swiftly connected her to resources to help get a roof over her head: a local organization, Wisconsin Emergency Rental Assistance (WERA) to help secure housing, and our Emergency Assistance program to help with rent.

Once Vyonna was finally able to enjoy some peace, Ashley asked Vyonna what her dream was. Stunned at first, Vyonna thought about her answer. She really wanted to find a job, especially one that allowed her to work from home so she could spend more time with her child. She also liked the freedom of being her own boss and would like to have a business of her own one day. Ashley reassured Vyonna that her dreams were achievable and were wonderful goals to work toward.

Since Vyonna hopes to own her own business, they looked at training options to help her become an entrepreneur. Vyonna enrolled in our Office Professionals course to learn how an office operates, keep an organized schedule, communicate effectively with customers, and more. A well-maintained office is crucial for any successful business, and the experience helped her get a clearer vision for her business. Vyonna graduated in little time and even landed a full-time position in retail.

Today, Vyonna continues to work towards her dream of becoming her own boss. Every day, she is one step closer. With that goal in sight, she is even looking beyond it, hoping to travel a bit once her business is underway – a thought she couldn’t even entertain just a few months earlier.

Congratulations, Vyonna, on completing your Professionals Training. We can’t wait to see where this opportunity takes you!

Get the help you need to make your dreams come true and enroll in our Wisconsin Works program.