Where You’re Treated Like Family

Leonita moved to Wisconsin to be closer to her family. What she found at Forward Service Corporation was a group that welcomed and treated her like family as she looked for her career.

She came with an office background and a passion for helping parents in the child support system. She began pursuing this with a volunteer opportunity in our office to help with projects and other work. She quickly felt valued for her work and easily fell into the fellowship in the office place.

She also threw herself into her job search. She joined the Job Club, where other job seekers support and learn from each other. She also got resume and cover letter advice from ADVOCAP (big shout out). She took all of the feedback from mock interviewers and used it to improve each and every time.

It all paid off when she got offered a job as a child support assistant with the county government.

With her hard work, things just keep getting better for Leonita. She’s getting a place of her own and has said that she’s going to apply herself, learn everything she can, and earn a promotion to a child support case manager.

We have confidence that she’s make this happen. Congratulations, Leonita. We’re proud to have worked with you.