Whistle While You Work

With his new job, Josh is definitely dancing to a different tune these days and as he begins 2018 in a much different place than the year before.

Josh enrolled in the WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) program feeling pretty discouraged. He’d been sending out applications and resumes that never seemed to lead to interviews. Companies in the area were hiring, so when would it be his turn?

Meeting with Colt, one of our WIOA Career Service Specialists, they decided to take a different approach. Rather than just sending out applications, Colt suggested they take some time to figure out what Josh really wants to do for work. Using some career assessments, career exploration, and, of course, the Internet, they not only quickly figured out that one of Josh’s passions is music; they also came up with a plan to use this to his advantage.

Josh and Colt floated the idea of a work experience at Jim Laabs Music Store – with 60 years of experience in making musical dreams come true. Working in shipping and receiving, Josh impressed his bosses, who then signed an On-the-Job training contract through WIOA after finishing the work experience.

This has been one of those great experiences where everyone wins: Jim Laabs Music Store is happy to add someone to their team and Josh is just in love with his new job. He says that he really appreciates the “fast-paced environment,” adding that “I am ever so glad that the WIOA Youth program could help me get a work experience and job here.”

Thank you to Jim Laabs and the North Central Wisconsin Workforce Development Board for making this possible and congratulations to Josh.