Working Together

Sierra wanted to make the best life possible for her newborn girl when she joined Wisconsin Works. Determined to get back to school and find work, she quickly found out that the WIOA program could also help with her education costs. Today, Sierra is proud to be able to support her new family and has big plans for their future together.

Being enrolled in two programs at once motivated Sierra to work toward all of her goals. Transportation and cash assistance got her back on her feet after pregnancy. She enrolled in school to earn her GED and found a career path in nursing that she wants to pursue. And with Wisconsin Works, Sierra quickly found a job and was promoted to full-time within the first few weeks.

Sierra plans to go on for her CNA and is excited about the thought of getting her own house one day. She says that being able to support her daughter feels good, and the staff were always understanding, caring, and helpful. She recommends these programs “to anyone that needs help.” We’re glad you are back on your feet, Sierra. Great job!