A Hopeful Life

Darcy’s story is one of strength rewarded and a hopeful life renewed. Before enrolling in Wisconsin Works, she was working to support herself and her school-age daughter. Her work ethic was never in question, but the long commute was already making it difficult for her to make ends meet.

When she discovered that she was going to add to her small family, Darcy wasn’t sure what to do. With no paid maternity leave, she found her way to Wisconsin Works, which gave her the opportunity to bond with her new child. At the same time, Darcy insisted that she was going to make it and find a new job to take care of her children. She threw herself into workshops, practiced her interviewing skills, and volunteered with a local non-profit to build her skills. “I loved it there!” says Darcy, explaining how it really “got me into customer service mode again.”

Getting into this mode quickly paid off when Darcy was hired full-time by a local restaurant. The job is great – not only does she get to use her skills, but the supervisor also understands her needs and works with her in scheduling so Darcy can take care of her kids. In just a short time there, her manager has been talking to her about becoming a Crew Trainer, because she knows how to work on a team, does her own job well, and can motivate others to do the same.

Congratulations Darcy – we’re proud to be part of your success story.