Gretchen’s Hope

Gretchen has always believed her job is to inspire hope in others. When medical issues forced Gretchen to leave her job at the WI Department of Corrections in 2013, she was not expecting a long recovery. But she knew after 2 years out of work that she needed to find support for her two children. Wisconsin Works helped Gretchen support her family and find hope with a great work experience last winter, and now she is back to doing the work she loves.

Since graduating from UW-Madison, Gretchen has always been dedicated to helping people improve their lives. Paia, an Account Representative, quickly notice noticed this passion and worked with the local Salvation Army for a work experience helping with their Christmas toy event. This quickly got her back in the game, and Gretchen enjoyed it so much that she continued volunteering as a pantry and kitchen worker with them. This chance to do what she loves made her recovery easier, and she also continued to look for work with our staff.

By the end of the holidays, Gretchen found a part-time position with the Women’s Community as an on-call Advocate Specialist. She is excited to get back to her field and hopes to use her education and experiences to bring hope to others. We could not be more proud of your success and kind spirit, Gretchen. Congratulations!