Adriana’s Success

Adriana wanted to be a professional – somebody knowledgeable, respectable, and helpful. The thing is, her only real experience was working in cleaning jobs. As a recent graduate from our Call Center Professionals course, however, Adriana’s earned the foothold she needs to pursue her passions.

Every week, Adriana learned something new, and each topic was something she could actually put on her resume. Computer skills – check. Professional communication – check. Experience in a call center setting – check! Adriana says that she came to the course without a professional vocabulary, but she graduated with confidence that she could succeed in the industry.

Plus, Adriana’s FSC team encouraged her to go after her goals – not just any job, but something that would capitalize on her desire to help and teach others. Since she was enrolled in both Wisconsin Works and FSET, Adriana had a full spectrum of resources for her family, transportation needs, and job search. Before she finished training, Adriana was impressing her future employers with a polished resume, a well-practiced interview, and a plan for how she wants to move up.

Today, Adriana is starting her professional career as a full-time Call Center Representative with Salelytics. She’s excited for the opportunity to apply her skills and sees herself eventually moving into a training position within the company.

Congratulations, Adriana!