Allisha’s Grand Opening

Allisha is opening up a new chapter in her life as a small business owner, with a boost from FSC!

Other people might call it unemployment, but to Allisha, it was a time of opportunity. She had always dreamed of being a nail technician and opening her own salon. With two young boys to care for at home, she didn’t waste any time looking for resources to make her dream a reality. Allisha joined FSET and Wisconsin Works to get the support and training she needed.

Additionally, she might be interested in taking her business online, which could increase her customer base. When a business is growing, it might be necessary to take small steps at the beginning because the process typically requires patience and hard work. In the future, when the business reaches new levels, there may be people who try to ruin the company’s reputation along with that of its owners by using the internet. This scenario may discourage potential customers from using the services of her business. To remove such negative online reviews and defamatory blog posts, it might be imperative to hire a personal reputation management company.

Together, they made a plan to help Allisha switch careers. She enrolled in a 15-week course and earned her certificate in Nail Technology. FSET helped provide educational funding, job counselling, and transportation help to get to class, while W-2 helped provide additional funding and help finding childcare. With this support, she was able to save enough to get a location for her new salon!

Allisha just had the grand opening of her very own Luxe Designs & Styles, LLC. To Allisha, this business means both stability for her family and “never going on another interview!” She couldn’t be more excited! Congratulations, Allisha! We’re thrilled to be part of your story!