Strong Allies, Strong Family

Suli enrolled in Wisconsin Works because she plans on welcoming her second child to a strong family. After a series of setbacks left her and her little girl homeless, Suli determined that she would do whatever she could to get them under a safe roof. With the support of a great community, Suli now hasĀ a full-time job, her GED is within sight, and she’s saving for a place to call home!

Having allies is Suli’s key to success. Wisconsin Works helped her find these allies while searching for a good job that could support her family. While Suli prepared for interviews and worked on her GED, Encompass provided 10 free days of childcare for her daughter. Meanwhile, House of Hope gave her a safe place to stay, provided classes on self-sufficiency, and helped her stay on top of her job searching activities. With gas and bus vouchers from Wisconsin Works, she buckled down on finding work and planning her family’s future.

Her children are Suli’s motivation throughout everything. “She’s a great mother and knows what she needs to do to support her daughter and baby,” says her case worker with W-2. “Suli never gives up!”

Suli just found a good job as a line worker and recently enrolled in FSET for additional support as she continues to strive for her GED. She hopes to work with children in the future.

We’re excited to see your family thrive! Congrats, Suli!