Eugene Climbs His Mountain

Ranard describes Eugene with two words: “simply amazing.” At 58 years old, he is the oldest male to graduate TrANS, and he’s not only moved into a great career, but was promoted to crew lead within a month of hire.

“Truth be told I was hesitant to bring him on board knowing that our contractors are looking for prime-age candidates,” says TrANS instructor Ranard. “He simply wouldn’t accept no for an answer! This man would be waiting for me in the parking lot when I arrived each day in class 40 minutes before start time, with coffee in hand.”

After a decade in meat-packing, TrANS was Eugene’s chance to get into career he always wanted to explore. “I felt that life was at a standstill – like I was going around and around a mountain getting nowhere. My children were adults and out of the house I knew that this may be my last chance for success in a career I was always interested in.”

After he graduated from TrANS, Eugene enrolled in Fox Valley Tech and earned his Class A CDL. Fahrner Asphalt Sealers took him on and was so impressed that they promoted him within a month. “I have the responsibility of my own truck and crew,” he says.

Today, instead of going around in circles, Eugene says that he can see “a profitable future in a job that has given me a platform to go up the mountain… The TrANS program prepared me to be professional always by going to work on time everyday eager to both listen and learn.”

“I am so proud of this man,” says Ranard. Great work!