Danima’s Success

With three young boys to love, Danima had no time to lose. She came to FSC to jump out of unemployment and get her family the care they needed to thrive. This summer, Danima started her new full-time job with Tyson Foods, and she couldn’t be happier. “The pay advances and benefits this company offers mean I can not only provide for my sons but we can finally be comfortable.”

Danima co-enrolled in FSET and Wisconsin Works to maximize her benefits and get the support she needed to achieve her goal as quickly as she did. FSET helped Danima navigate her job search, while W-2 provided the extra support she needed to keep her family strong. She was able to get cash support, transportation to interviews, and a great work experience helping customers apply for Emergency Assistance at the FSC office to add to her resume.  This gave her a simple way to cut transportation costs, since she was already at the office for support, while keeping her primed for the next job prospect.

“This job means more than just making a living,” Danima says. She is saving up to give her family the comfort of their own home. “I would still like to finish a bachelor’s degree, but this job means I can finally start improving my credit and actually buy a home for my family. That’s what I am most excited about!”

We’re excited for you, too! Congratulations!