Amanda’s New Horizons

When Amanda’s employer went under, she decided to turn unemployment into an opportunity to retool her career. She’d often hoped for an office position, so she could spend more time with her children. Without any recent experience, however, Amanda thought it would be a long shot. That is, until she learned more about the opportunities she had with FSC.

Amanda was starting to feel discouraged before she joined FSET and Wisconsin Works. She quickly discovered that they worked together like a well-oiled machine, designed to bring her goals to fruition. Amanda learned the skills she needed to thrive in the office environment, through our Office Professionals training. Then she volunteered as a receptionist at the 9th Street Wellness Center, thanks to a great connection from her case manager. Meanwhile, Amanda prepped for interviews with Kevin, her Job Developer, and took every job lead he passed her way.

Soon, Amanda landed the position she’d been looking for. She started working full-time with Cherry Optical and is excited for the opportunities she sees on the horizon. Congratulations, Amanda!