Sarah’s Dreams Are Coming True

Sarah is a creative and talented woman, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Just check out a few pages from the “Dream Board” she put together in our Office Professionals class!

Dream Boards are fun activity that we do at the start of each Office course, to help our students focus on what’s most important to them. We often use paper and glue, but Sarah took it a step further by designing a whole comic strip using the programs she was learning in the course. That just goes to show the drive and initiative that are taking this mom’s dreams to new heights.

For most of her life, Sarah stayed home to raise her three beautiful daughters. During her divorce, she struggled to find a job that could support them and started looking up options. She learned that WIOA could help her get training. Soon, Sarah was learning how she could use her skills and interests to start a promising career she’s love. Meanwhile, WIOA’s Cheryl encouraged Sarah to start a part-time career while she was in school, stating that Wisconsin Works and FSET were the places to start.

“She wants to learn and takes the time to figure things out,” says Diana, with Wisconsin Works. Sarah brought the tools she’d gained in WIOA to her new teams, using them to decide what short-term training would help her quickly start the right career. Office Professionals was the perfect fit. Through the class, she picked up a new computer system, learned several essential office programs, and built a sense of camaraderie with her classmates. “She always had so many positive things to say about the Office Professionals class because of her Skills Instructor,” says Diana.

Meanwhile, Sarah buckled down on her job search with her FSET and W-2 teams. By the time she graduated from the class, Sarah had earned a full-time job with Kelly Services. Sarah is more reassured than ever before, knowing that she can provide for her daughters. She enjoys continuing to learn on the job and putting her office skills to use. Plus, she is putting money aside for school and plans to start a graphic design program in January.

Congratulations, Sarah!