Amy Jump-Starts 2021

Amy is starting 2021 with renewed hopes, as she recently jump-started her life — and the car that was causing her so much trouble last year. Amy’s been a caregiver for years, but when her car broke down, the timing could not have been worse. Her employer couldn’t wait around for her to get repairs, and soon she was out of a job and her apartment. Thankfully, family and Wisconsin Works were there to help in her time of need.

A forward-thinking and determined mom, Amy immediately looked for ways to provide stability for her son. Her family welcomed them into their home, and Amy got to work looking for resources. “Amy is very determined but is not afraid to reach out when she needs help,” says Alleigh, Amy’s case manager, adding that “She is a planner and is always looking to the future.”

Wisconsin Works helped Amy afford car repairs and gas while she sought job leads with her team. It didn’t take long before she accepted a job offer from Parkview Nursing and Rehab!

Amy also learned how to start looking for a home, with help from our partners at Habitat for Humanity and NeighborWorks. She hopes to work with these programs in the future as she saves up for a home of her own.

Congratulations, Amy!